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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Report from Montreal

Taverner's managing director, Philip Mitchell-Taverner, returned to Australia on Monday from overseas, where he spent time talking to market research agencies in London and attending the ESOMAR conference in Montreal.

Some of the keynote speakers in Montreal were outstanding, including Hernando Soto, President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy in Peru, who talked about the problems facing developing countries as they try to break into the globalised developed economy and Kate Adie, BBC journalist and author, on doing business on the world front.

But the best presentation, according to Philip, was the very last paper. The speaker was Richard Eisermann, who gave an extraordinary account of how important it is to look after your customer. Eisermann outlined the some of the barriers that exist to communication with the customer and what might be done to overcome those barriers.

Philip was asked, "If you had to pick one thing that you learned, what would it be?"
His response: "What we are doing in Australia is equal to anything being done in the wider world game."

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