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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Coalition takes big lead in New South Wales

NSW voters are disillusioned with the State Labor Government led by Morris Iemma, according to the latest Taverner poll, published in the Sun Herald and also reported in the Sydney Morning Herald and on radio and television news.

There has been a sharp fall in support, to the extent that if an election were held right now, there would be a landslide win to the Liberal/National Coalition. Just 4 months ago, Labor would have continued its winning streak of well over 10 years.

There have been many issues leading to the decline in Labor support in NSW, not least of which have been the Iguana Joe’s alleged staff intimidation issue involving former NSW Education Minister John Della Bosca and his Federal MP wife Belinda Neal, transport crises, the Spit Bridge malfunction, tollway cash-back disclosures and the much criticized proposal to privatize the State’s power industry.

In the latest Taverner Poll, Labor trails the coalition by a massive 12 points, at 44 to 56 percent. In February Labor was still holding onto the small lead it had at the 2007 election, on 51 to 49 percent. Not all of these problems are attributed to just Morris Iemma’s handling of his leadership. There is no-one in the State Labor party who voters consistently believe preferable. For now, Morris Iemma remains the best option with voters despite widely reported calls from many for him to stand down.

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