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Monday, 19 May 2008

Going Global Means Going Local

Patrick Meza, Taverner’s Research Operations Manager, recently attended ESOMAR’s Asia-Pacific conference in Singapore (April 2008). When he returned, a colleague asked him what the most important thing he learned was.

“If I learned one thing,” he replied, “it’s that if you want to do international research, get local people! There was story after story of research projects gone wrong due to cultural and language misunderstandings. The message was clear. Going into a country or region that you aren’t familiar with is asking for disaster.”

Taverner Research is well placed to conduct international research. Taverner is a member of Associated Global Market Research, an international network of research affiliates with one member organization per country. In Australia Taverner is the Global representative. Membership of Global means that research across national borders can be effectively planned and implemented utilising the local knowlege of our Global collegues.

In addition to the Global network, Taverner also has informal reciprocal relationships with several ‘friends’ in other countries that we have worked with in the past or have a professional relationship with. In cooperation with our friends, Taverner can efficiently conduct research in numerous locations, from Paris to Tokyo to New Delhi to New York.

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Monday, 5 May 2008

Online identity: emerging issues and trends

Who are you when you are online? Who are the people you are dealing with? Can you trust someone if you don't know who they are "really"?

Online identity is emerging as a key issue in the development of the internet and online business. To hear an entertaining and informative talk on the topic, watch Dick Hardt's presentation on Identity 2.0 at OSCON2005.

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