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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

NSW state election - irrelevant and uninteresing?

Taverner’s finding in our mid-February poll with the Sun Herald, that the ALP is well ahead of the coalition in voting preference for the NSW state election on 24 March, has been further validated in recent new polls.

There is still very little chance that this imminent election will be a tight-run affair, though neither of the contenders has produced policies that resonate at all with the voters. There is an air of boredom and frustration about it all and unless Debnam can pull the rabbit out of the hat by becoming credible (unlikely). Labor will win in a canter.

Few voters seem to really care. More of the same is preferred, even though the management of NSW has been unsatisfactory for a long time, due to the uncertainty and distrust of what the current opposition might do – expected to be nothing more than perpetuate what we already have – indecision, lack of action, no vision and no character.

Why is State Politics in NSW so uninteresting or even irrelevant to voters?


posted by Philip Mitchell-Taverner

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